How to Get ALL REMOVED WEAPONS in Pixel Gun 3D New Update 16.6.0! (Gun Glitches)

pixel gun 3d weapons glitch
pixel gun 3d weapons glitch
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How to Get ALL REMOVED WEAPONS in Pixel Gun 3D New Update 16.6.0! (Gun Glitches)

“How to Get ALL REMOVED GUNS in Pixel Gun 3D! Pixel Gun 3D New Update 16.6.0 Glitches – Pixel Gun 3D Glitch to Get Free Weapons (Pixel Gun 3D New Update 16.6.0 Hack/Mod Menu/APK Weapons New Free) Pixel Gun 3D Glitches iOS Android – How to Get Free Guns”


Wow! I didn’t expect to be making this video today…but here we are! Today I have a MASSIVE glitch I want to show you all where you can get all REMOVED weapons in Pixel Gun 3D! This is a Gallery glitch in Pixel Gun 3D where you can buy weapons from the Sets tab. It’s crazy, and it works! Try it out for yourself!!! Weapons and their assigned sets are down below.

Avalanche – Pixel Gun Classic Set
Christmas Sword – Christmas, Again! Set
Easter Bazooka – Easter Set
Fireworks Launcher – Pro Dater Set
Harpoon Gun – Not Even a Gun! Set
Heavy Gifter – Christmas, Again! Set
Last Kiss – Valentine’s Day Set
Mega Destroyer – Pixel Gun Classic Set
Mystical Ore Emitter – Overheated Plasma Set
Pitbull – Deadly Dolls Set
Plasma Rifle – Overheated Plasma Set
Pumpkin Thrower – Haloween! Set
Snowball Gun – Pixel Gun Classic Set
Space Blaster – From Far Far Galaxy Set
Water Pistol – Steam Power Set
Water Rifle – Steam Power Set

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